Vendors List

List of Suppliers for my Cup, Pen and T Shirt Business 

This is the free version. For a more in depth version with my top suppliers that are not on this list please purchase here. I have provided my top vendors for cups, beads and shirts. I also show you how to shop on Alibaba.


Sichuan Sandrew Technology on Alibaba

Shipping Boxes: Uline (8x4x4 , 8x8x4, 11x8x4)

Cup Wraps: Huaga Jiaxing Import and Export CO on Alibaba MOQ 100 

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Melodylicious no minimums

Custom Tape: Sticker Mule

Shirts and crews: JiffyShirts

Dtf Transfers: 

Heat press: HTVRont and Bettersub

T Seal Sheet:


Label printer:

Tape dispenser:

Cup cradle and squeegee:

Larger cup cradle:

Rigid Mailers:

White shelves:

Glass Cleaning Wipes:

Pen Items



Tik Tok Shops 

Bead Acrylic Organizer:

Zipper Bags:

Pen Holder:

Beadable Pens:

Bail Beads:

Jump Rings:

Bulk Charms:

Bubble Mailer:


Hand drill: