About Us

As a mom, the idea for Foxy Luna came to me after I watched Tidying up with Marie Kondo. I organized my toddler's closet, and got rid of 90% of her clothes that day! None of it fit her anymore. It dawned on me that there had to be a better way. So I bought a sewing machine determined to come up with a solution and quickly fell in love with it. Now I could make clothes that could last far longer than a couple of months, and they are so cute! The clothes I make are so stretchy that they grow with my daughter. I love that she can wear something I made with my own hands for a long time.

Sewing became my passion. Then a dream was born, and I decided to share my designs with other moms. I want to help moms enjoy their children more, and worry less about keeping up with the clothing demand that growing kids have. Instead of constantly spending they can stock up on a few Foxy Luna items and know they will fit for a long time.


So with that being said welcome to Foxy Luna! I hope my creations will make you excited to dress your little ones. ♡



Contact us

Email: foxylunashop@gmail.com

Phone: (623)-4556022