Turnaround Time is 20 business days unless otherwise stated ♡ (Pre-order is 25)

Reps Important Info

Before you read anything this is what works best for me. I promise I'm not trying to be the bad guy, but not being able to say no has hurt me in the past. Please review everything with an open mind, and know I dedicate my life to this shop. It's a lot of work so this is all to help me better run things.



The website will open early so you can familiarize yourself with the layout. Everything will say sold out during this time.

There will be two sections for drops: made as pictured and then have it your way.

Under made as pictured that means it will be made just as you see it with no modifications available. I love making my own designs so this means I save certain fabric combinations and styles for this section.

Then in the have it your way section you get to be the designer. You'll be able to choose style, fabric and sleeve length. I can't have every style available every drop, but I like to have a good variety.

A few rules that I need to stick to:
If it's not an option on the website it's not an option. I keep bending my own rules, but they're there so I can get things out as quickly as possible!
This includes sizes, styles, fabrics and customizations. If you don't see it as an option it's not available. No exceptions.

There's usually a cap on orders. Since it's just me I like to give myself a limit. Don't quote me but it's usually around 10 items per fabric. Just depends on sizes ordered.

What's the rep code? It's on the chat title.

What size should I get? This all depends really. We have a size thread in our VIP to help with this, but size charts are always best.

The most important measurement for tops is chest. For rompers I would recommend going based on height unless your child doesn't fit the chest size. Anything that has a bell bottom will definitely require you to stay around the height measurement.

What is the TAT? 2-4 weeks unless it's a preorder.

Can you make a bigger size in this? If it's not available as a size then unfortunately it cannot be made even if I made it before. Most items are available in 3m-4T. I will do my best to have tops available up to size 12y, but that's the best I can do. So no rompers or dresses above 4T unless it's a grow with me style.

Do we reapply to the rep search? Nope! Once chosen you're welcome to stay as long as you like.