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Grow With Me Leggings in Navy (Size 3-6T)
Foxy Luna's Forever Mine Bottoms. Made to grow with your child
Foxy Luna's Forever Mine Bottoms. Made to grow with your child

Grow With Me Leggings in Navy (Size 3-6T)

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Our Forever Bottoms are essential in your child's wardrobe! These bottoms are made from cotton spandex which is built to last. They have a unisex fit and are perfect for play and day wear. The best part is your child can wear them for 4 times longer than traditional clothing, and they are sure to match perfectly with your child's outfits. 

The waistband and leg cuffs are made to be adjusted to your child's size. Fold them out as they grow and they will extend to meet your child's length. No more outgrown bottoms that are too short or new bottoms that are long enough but too wide. With these bottoms the waist is meant to fit snug since no elastic is used.

Available in three sizes: 3-12m, 1-3T and 3-6T you are sure to get lots of wear as this collection is made to grow with your child. No more awkward in between sizes!

For more information on how to adjust sizing click here!

The Forever Collection is great for so many reasons!

1. It saves you time and money! Your child won't outgrow their Forever outfits in a couple months. Instead they will be wearing them for 4 times longer. This means you save time shopping and money since you won't need to always upgrade their wardrobe!

2. It is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way to shop for our children's clothing. You can reduce your carbon footprint by extending the wear of your clothes. Saving the planet one purchase at a time!

3. It is great as a diaper bag essential! Just put one in your bag and it is sure to fit your child even if you forgot it was in there. No more having to remember to always pack the right sizes!

4. They make the perfect gift! You won't need to wonder if the items will fit since they work for a range of sizes. Plus they will get lots of use out of their items, and be thrilled to see how it adjusts as their child grows.

So what are you waiting for? Shop "The Forever Collection" now!